All services delivered by Apricity are evidence-based. This means they are grounded in a solid foundation of research and knowledge, encompassing not only professional wisdom obtained through experience, but also empirical evidence derived from the fields of psychology, coaching, and the behavioural sciences.

Academic Performance Coaching

Packages include two hours per week. The first is spent reviewing your written work and providing extensive, detailed feedback on how to improve it. This is followed by an hour-long virtual coaching session. This powerful two-pronged approach has helped hundreds of students to improve their academic performance and enhance their university experience.  Click here for more details.

10 week package: $3,000

20 week package: $5,750


Coaching is a collaborative process, designed to help individuals attain valued developmental outcomes. Click here for more information.

Coaching sessions are charged at $275 per hour.

10 sessions for $2,500

20 sessions for $4,400

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Ranging from 1-hour sessions to full day programs. we deliver workshops and seminars customised to the needs of your organisation. 

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With high-level communication skills,  Renee is an NMAS accredited mediator and member of the Resolution Institute.

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